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Hi Bill,

Withion a week of getting the Enzymatic Therapy b12 Infusion, the Source Natural Dibencozide (adenosylb12), Metafolin, omega3 oils, l-carnitine fumararte and methylation startup/healing startup has started (low potassium signals startup) glutathione will be getting made very adequately. Lack of glutathione is a signal of broken methylation along withg 600 signa;lsd. it is not a cause, it is an effect. Glutathione will restore itself natrually as soon as methylation startup ovccurs. With Enzymatic Therapy mb12 and metafolin methylation typicalyl starts up in 4 hours to 3 days. With hydroxycobalamin, cyanocbl, folic acid and folinic acid methylation may never startup and my be made even worse. Don’t believe the myths of glutathione or you may be damagedyu it as I was.


cacey says


I’m a 37 yr old mother of 3. I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia, Peripheral neuropathy and B12 deficieny back in February. After MRI/MRA, NCT and several blood tests, they started me on the sublingual B12. My level was 138. I was taking 5000mcg a day. I was no longer tired and the tingling had somewhat subsided. After about a month, the symptoms came back. So much so that in my sleep my arm and hand would be so cramped from tingling that my fingers would be clinched to a fist almost. I was tested again and my B12 was well over 2000. They put me on the sublingual at 1000mcg a week. I’ve done that on and off since then. I was ok for a month or two but now the symptoms are back. When will this vicious cycle end??? Should i be on injections instead? My neurologist also told me that i may have to repeat the NCT test over again to ensure there was no nerve damage. Is that true? That was the most cruel test i’ve ever done! Not looking foward to it.

Just looking to a long term solution.



Symptoms responding to methylb12 start coming back after 3 days without mb12. It takes 9 months of continuous use of mb12 and other nneeded items, to complete 1 round of healing . Lots of things willl start another round of healing if you add them etc. It takes 5 years if no backtracking to make the neurological healing complete, if it completes. I’m 9 years into it and inject 10mg 3x per day of mb12 to hold the damage of subacute combined degeneration at a more or less constant level. It never heals more and comes back stronger with the first missed dose. Your best chance is to get it the first time because each time one does a stop and start the heak\linfg response is weaker and less complete. Continue for life or you will just get the damage all over again. You may need both kinds, adb12 and mb12 as well as Metafolin and some other nutrients. for best healing.


CJ says

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Registration

PDMP Registration Guides

Standard Registration Guide

Auto-Registration Guide


Ready to Register?

Prescribers with Maryland license, DEA, CDS, and NPI numbers may register using the Auto-Registration.

Pharmacists, new prescribers, and delegates can register using the Standard Registration.

PDMP Legislative Changes

PDMP Registration Mandate Fact Sheet

PDMP Legislation Fact Sheet

HB437/Chapter 147, 2016

More Help

Technical Support:

(877) 952-7477 Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm ET

Policy/Clinical PDMP Questions:

(410) 402-8686

Other Resources

Maryland PDMP

CRISP PDMP Information

Maryland Overdose Prevention

Click Here to Access PDMP Use Mandate Information

Clinical users register for access to the Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) data through CRISP exclusively. Registration is simple, free of charge, and takes only a few minutes.

Registration for and access to PDMP is available for a wide range of clinical providers and their delegates in Maryland. A recent legislative change REQUIRES that certain providers are registered with the PDMP.

PDMP Registration Mandate

Pharmacists : Licensed pharmacists in Maryland must be registered with the PDMP by July 1, 2017 .

Pharmacists July 1, 2017

Prescribers : Practitioners authorized to prescribe CDS in Maryland must be registered with the PDMP by July 1, 2017 . The ability to obtain a new or renewal CDS permit from the Maryland Office of Controlled Substances Administration (formerly Division of Drug Control) will be dependent on having registered with the PDMP.


Registration occurs only once and if you have ever registered for PDMP access in the past, you meet the legal mandate and are compliant with the PDMP course of instruction requirement under the law.

I found Methycobalamin at my local health food store as well as at vitamin Shoppe, which has a website also.


Hi Jan,

Many folks order from, they shi all over the world. Just follow their guidlines for total package shipping wioeght and value. They have The Enzymathic Therapy b12 infusion (methylb12), Ababol Dibencoplex (adb12 with boron), Solgar Metafolin and many pothers. Also a lot of other resellers. There are certain chains of stores in Europe that carry an occasional one of these.

As you know there has been a problem with a pharmacy in the USA with mold infected steroids. Contamination is a potential problem. For methylb12 injections contamination could happen. However, except for people with certain combination of hereditary and neurological problems most folks don’t need to inject b12. The current reliable brand of mb12 has been for about 10 years so far. Part of the problem of injectable mb12 is that there is nothing at all patenable about it so nobody produces it in commercial quantities. The small pharmacies that mix it to order may expose it to light and make it useless.

“you have to have the patent to make it. NO one can get it, none of the pharmacies.”

This is 100% pure unadulterated nonsense. There is no patent. There is no known restiction of any kind of which I am aware. There are a number of pharmacies in the UK that make it up for folks regularly. The problem is that they can be difficult to locate. I don’t know where you are.

Older than me? Perhaps. I’m 64. I had a 100% total crash in 1987 at age 39. I couldn’t walk 20 feet. I was totally crashed until May 21st, 2003 at 6:05 pm. Then I took a Enzymatic Therapy mb12. It was obvious my life was changed in 10 minutes. In one hour I could walk up the stairs without resting every few stairs. A lifelong depression lifted. Energy started flooding back. Burning bladder and burning tonge were better in 10 days. Burning muscles no longer burning in 10 days. Hundreds of symptoms improving, Taste and smell came back. Vision brightened. Multi sensory hallucinations went away. Daily nausa and vomitting was gone. Balance came back. Skin healed. Intestines heqaled. Almost everything healed with additional items as needed.n Since then, much debugged the whole thing. It’s a working system, for me, for many others. It’s not perfect. Right now I would say that the odds are about 50% of substantial recovery in one year to the point of beginning physical rehabilitation. My thigh muscle was down to a thumb”s thickness. It’s back now as are all the rest.. These vitamins are readily available from online retailors that ship all over the world. You don’t have to depend upon the docs that know nothing about it and appear to have no intention to learn. This site is important becasue Dr Kessler is not afraid to speak up in furthering knowledge on thos important subject. Carmen Wheatley’s new paper “The giant gorilla in the room; adenosylcobalamin ….” is available for free download. It lays out the theoretical foundation for why the active b12 is so much more effective than hydroxcbl. She hypothecizes that the hydroxcbl pathway to controlon g inflammation is a workaround starvation path and that the adenosylcobalamin is “radically” more efffective and complete at controlling inflammation. Good luck


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